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The Road To Value ConsensusLet the invisible influence flow in the physical world and resonate with the imagined world.

01The value consensus of NFT is to endow encrypted artworks with scarcity, immutability, permanence and interactivity.

02The unique ownership "voucher" attribute brought by NFT non-homogeneous tokens makes it naturally suitable for use in the field of art NFT with unique value.

03NFT will become the trend of the entire art development in the future. Blockchain technology can build a bridge between traditional art and the latest technology. Owning an NFT artwork is equivalent to owning an on-chain certificate of artwork assets.

04The world of NFT is equal and open. It is not an exclusive hall for artists. Ordinary people can also participate.The roles are more abundant, and crypto artists, curators, critics, distribution platforms are derived.

What is BNFT meta-universe?Create a great change at the forefront of the blockchain era

Bruce Non Fungible Token(BNFT) is a project with the ability to utilize the power of the blockchain and decentralization in order to infinitely expand upon and honor the true vision of a new financial paradigm.
Human interaction and socialization has become overwhelmingly virtual; most people have moved their social and business relationships to their phone or laptop. It is now, during a global pandemic that has driven us online more so than ever. These new habits have already become permanent behavioral and cultural shifts, irrevocably changing what we consider normal and acceptable.
In this way the social responsibility that exists to provide tools and resources in the virtual space is essential to create a fun and adaptive environment for individuals to thrive and monetize. This stands at the core of our ethos at BNFT.

We believe that BNFT meta-universe will have a revolutionary impact on the entire field.

A Virtual WorldA diversified meta-universe+NFT+DeFi super platform

Let the artwork truly return to the public, promote the process of art and trends in the meta-universe, and at the same time make it develop towards a wider commercialization path, BNFT born for operating.

BNFT is a highly original diversified and integrated NFT trading and creation platform. We cut in from the infrastructure with high technological integration and the most disruptive power, aggregated the world's leading resources in the field of art creation on the chain, and created NFT creation and trading, IP agency and incubation, physical mapping NFT, auction, mortgage, and liquidity. It is an ecological super platform for fluidity mining, NFT social networking, DAO, meta universe, virtual idols, etc.

Since its inception, BNFT has reached in-depth strategic cooperation with the world's top luxury brands, art platforms, and chain influence ecology, and has a complete ecosystem and market foundation. Driven by the concept of "diversity integration", BNFT will fully cross-dimensionally stimulate the explosive power of the crypto economy in the fields of art, fashion, sports, animation, games, e-sports, virtual idols, etc., and create transformative opportunities.

BNFT and meta-universe

BNFT and meta-universe :

In the construction of meta-universe, identity, perception system, social relationship, economic system, civilization and culture are indispensable. This is the ultimate form of the Internet and a beautiful new world of digital life for the coming future. BNFT plays an important role in this.

BNFT's complete chain ecology runs through the whole process of the birth of the entire meta universe. Among them, BNFT has natural advantages in the three links of identity digitization, economic system circulation, and civilization and culture shaping.

  • 1. Identity digitization: BNFT will use IP incubation and NFT mapping to help everyone create their own digital identity and obtain a meta-universe pass with a high degree of freedom and non-copyability.
  • 2. Economic system circulation: From the creation of NFT to pricing, from the verification of the asset ownership of the residents of Meta-universe to the transaction, BNFT opens up the complex chain economic system and realizes the smooth and efficient value circulation in each link.
  • 3. Building civilization and culture: Since its inception, BNFT has established in-depth cooperation with many top luxury brands, artistic creation platforms and artists, and is committed to creating a pioneering, cutting-edge and splendid meta-universal civilization, formed by protecting and supporting NFT creation The unique meta-universe culture promotes interaction and seriousness in the virtual world to be more realistic and valuable.
BNFT and Game :

Games are another important area of BNFT applications. By integrating the identities of players and investors, allowing players to reap benefits during the game, BNFTA can support the development and evolution of GameFi. Game props and equipment will be circulated through NFT, and stimulate their collection channels and value.

BNFT and liquidity mining :

It is one of BNFT's goals to comprehensively boost the value circulation of NFT. Liquidity mining provides more fair and efficient ways to achieve this goal. For BNFT and its users, liquidity mining provides a more flexible and lower threshold way to obtain NFT revenue. BNFT will also enhance the value of NFT from the aspects of security, liquidity and diversity of mining pools. Investors' income gains provide more support.

BNFT and DAO :

BNFT brings together top art creators and pioneer trend participants. In order to fully implement the decentralized concept of community autonomy, BNFT also has its own DAO organization. By purchasing different NFT "tickets", community users can vote for favorite artists or works, and even decide on the progress of IP incubation and mapping in the art community, thereby completing the collective creation of digital art.

BNFT ecosystemCreation + Entertainment + Display + Social + Trading + Metaverse + Virtual Idol

BNFT Art CharityInterpret the definition of love and beauty, and convey the resonance of spirit and soul

Artwork display

"Portrait of Dora"

"Billie Eilish

LVMH series meta universe


Development plan

October 2020BNFT conducts market research and inspection, overall planning and deployment

October 2021BNFT market is released and mining starts

December 2021New products such as "BNFT separation and synthesis" and auction of interstellar maps

Q3 2022Product update BNFT function, open user creation, voting, NFTization and commercialization of high-quality BNFT works

Q2 2023It is estimated that the value of the NFT IP authorized by the foundation exceeds 3 billion US dollars.

August 2021BNFT official website is officially launched, pre-sale of $BNFT

November 2021The dapp product is launched, officially opening the global high-quality IP NFT-based blind box, auction, transaction and other functions

Q2 2022Continue to expand its IP, and expand the number of users and coin-holding addresses through the fan effect of IP

Q1 2023Become the world's leading BNFT integrated platform that integrates IP, blind box, auction, trading, BNFT re-creation, etc

Tokens Info

BNFT token deflation mechanism:

The total amount of BNFT issuance: 1,000,000,000,000
5% (50 billion pieces) genesis airdrop,
40% (400 billion pieces) fair issuance to add a decentralized PancakeSwap (pancake) BNFT/USDT mobile mining pool. 55% (550 billion pieces) deposited in the black hole is completely burned and destroyed (the black hole as one of the holders also enjoys the dividends of the coin-holding mining).
15% tax deduction for each transaction on the chain
1: 4% of community operation promotion and repurchase destruction (3% for repurchase destruction, 1% for community operation and promotion).
2: 5% automatic LP: 5% is added to the liquidity in the PancakeSwap BNFT/USDT pool, thus creating a rising price floor.
3: 6% static reward, real-time dividends for holding coins for automatic mining (black holes as one of the holders also enjoy coin holdings for mining dividends).

Contract address:0xeAc534DD0D93dd6E17E12B1d9d635ab5548C81d3

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